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Welcome to chaoda.com.hk!

Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Limited is a leading grower of fruits and vegetables in China. We are vertically integrated and control the entire production chain--from seeds to processing and marketing. Chaoda responds rapidly to changing market conditions while carefully controlling the quality and consistency of our produce. We are committed to growing and delivering wholesome and safe products for our customers all over the world while promoting sustainable agriculture practices to protect the environment for future generations.

The majority of our fruit and vegetable production is sold as fresh produce, however we also process and distribute it for the frozen food sector. We use the very best seeds and organic fertilizers and our cultivation methods and technologies have been proven over the years.

We welcome you to browse our easy-to-use and comprehensive website to learn more about Chaoda.

Video Documentary - Chaoda as a Key Vegetable Supplier to the 2008 Beijing Olympics
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